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The most important day of your life


Drama and color, see it, catch it, have it, to remember

 and treasure forever.


Half Day


Full Day







All packages will include 3 Thumb drives of of all photos shot.

We will follow your wedding anywhere, but additional travel charges may apply.

"Words from the Wedding"

Sometimes you need words to round out pictures.

I bring a small camera devoted to video, get quick interviews from the bride and groom with their first impressions of each other, toasts or speeches at the reception, and some of the dancing, an include it on the thumb drive you get with
the still pictures.


Who are you, really?...  Show the world your best face!

Studio or Location



an hour

Includes full resolution

Thumb Drive, 5 - 8x10 prints



Here’s what all the people at the party looked like!

We Can... put large groups on risers with proper lighting
so that everyone is visible!


...set lights and a backdrop for individual or small group portraits!


...bring a printer and make all the photos on-site!


...post the full event Online!


Everyone’s event is different. Start the conversation
e-mail and we’ll plan the best way to record your event together.


I keep my photo eye sharp by recording my travels

Want to see where I've been lately on Google +



Cleo Fogal

Photographer/World Traveler


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